Product Lines

ENISA has developed several specific product lines, of which we highlight:

Sanitation Equipment and services

Design, manufacture and assembly of:
Primary and secondary decanters;
Sludge densifiers;
Filters: sand, activated carbon, anthracite and zeolite, softeners, ion exchange; Water and oil separator;
Polymer preparers; Decantation silos.
Metalic Tanks for storage of large volumes in carbon steel or stainless steel;

Estação Tratamento Água - 3D
Estação Tratamento Água Enisa - 3D

3D design of ENISA plant

Hidromechanical Equipment

Engineering, manufacture and assembly of: Gates: Stop logs, Wagon, Segment (radial) and hydraulic drive systems; Grating and Grating Cleaners, Penstocks and Metallic Shielding

UHE Pimental

Material Handling Equipment

Design, manufacture and assembly of:
Overhead and Gantry Electric Cranes with high lifting capacity or for use in an intense service cycle. Applied in Steel mill plants, Hydroelectric and Nuclear Power Plants, Industry in general and other customized applications

Ponte Rolante SLAB YARD
Módulo Remção Sulfato

Production Platforms

Manufacture and Assembly of Modules for Oil Production platforms (Sulfate Removal, Gas Compression, Power Generation, Pipe Rack etc.) through technology agreement according to the Client's needs.

Chemical, Petrochemical Energy Generation Plants

Design, manufacture and assembly of:
Spheres for Gas Storage;
Pressure Vessel;
Storage Tanks;
Process and Strip Towers, including requirements for H2S
Boilers for energy co-generation (biomass and heat recovery)

armazenamento de gas glp macae
Caldeira Bunge
refinaria presidente bernardes - petrobras cubatao sp 2 2

Equipment for Ports and Storage Yards 

Design, manufacture and assembly of:
Gantry cranes for loading and unloading ship containers on Ships and for container stacking in storage area. Gantry cranes for loading and unloading bulk material (ore, coal, etc.) on ships. Belt Conveyor Systems for Bulk Material and its Transfer towers Bulk Material Stacker Machines, Fixed Boom and Swivel Boom types Bulk Material Reclaimer Machines for Storage and Homogenization Yards

Porto de Santo Antonio - Chile
Guacolda 02 - Minério
Casa de Pedra Retomadora Minério
Portos Guacolda 01
Casa de Pedra Emplilhadeira Minério