Action Areas

Get to know Enisa's main areas of technology and industrial performance:


Waste Water treatment plants for both industrial and residential uses.
Metallic tanks for liquid treatment or storage and pump stations.
Water Treatment Plants for Human use, demineralization and industrial use.

estação tratamento água enisa 3d

3D design of ENISA plant

Railway and Metro Transport

Manufacture and revamping of Passenger Cars and Freight Cars.
Railway and Metro infrastructure Construction and services including: Engineering development, electrification systems, signaling and traffic control, substations, billing, cctv surveillance and rolling stock maintenance and modernization

Vagões de Carga - Metro-ferroviário

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Ports and Ore yard

Supply and Assembly of Systems and Equipment for loading and unloading Ships (containers, ore, coal and grains) and conveyor systems including stacking and reclaiming of Ores in yards of Ports and Mines or in Grain storage silos.

Plataforma P75 - Óleo e Gás

Storage Systems for Grains

Grain reception, conservation, storage and dispatch systems;

Silos de armazenagem de grãos
Usina de Energia São Salvador

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Hydraulic Power Generation

Electromechanical assembly of Hydroelectric Power Plants, supply of Hydromechanics, Overhead Electric Crane and Gantry, Penstocks and steel shielding.

Hydraulic Power Plant Solutions – EPC, Construction and Turbines, Generators and BOP Equipment Supply

Oil and Gas

Engineering, supply and construction of modules for exploration and production platforms, FPSO – FSO – REVAMP and maintenance;

Engineering, supply and construction of gas treatment units, piping, gas and oil compression and storage stations;

Engineering, supply and construction of process units in Refineries, Petrochemicals, and REVAMP;

Engineering and measurement systems and REVAMP;


plataforma de petroleo p52

Electrical Systems

Substations, transmission systems, control and automation systems.

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